Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons

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Our Service was a Songs of Praise, organised by Jen Dutch. Jen describes her address as the shortest we will have heard at DBC, but it does extend to a little over 15 minutes and, in that time, packs a real punch. Never mind the length, enjoy the quality! If you want to look at the Reading of the day first, it is John 1. 35-51.

And the greatest of these…

A very significant day for DBC and for Rod.  Today was his last ever sermon as our pastor, before retiring to make way for Barry & Vicky.  Though we are sure (and hope!) that this won’t be the last time he ever takes to the pulpit!  For his final three sermons, based on what he has learnt from 50 years of preaching and ministry, Rod has picked out what he sees…

Life Group

Today’s service was led by one of our Life Groups.  Not a sermon as such, but a couple of talks, interspersed by a reading from John’s Gospel.  What is worship?  What is the right way to worship?  First we have Hazel & Judith, talking about their work at The Sanctuary.  Then we have Phil, talking about The Society of Friends (aka the Quakers).  Both very…

The Holy Spirit (Rodney Breckon Final Talk No. 2)

This is the second of our Pastor’s “three final talks”. If you missed the first, about the Bible, it is worth listening to that one first. The Holy Spirit is powerful and so is Rodney’s reflection on it. Enjoy, yes, but take note and allow the Spirit to work in your life.…

Premeditated Spontaneity

Helping us celebrate our first anniversary as Darlington Baptist Church, our guest preacher today is Pete Spence, from Portrack Baptist Church in Stockton.  A thought-provoking title, as is his talk!

The Lord Looks at the Heart

Anne is at pains to tell us this is “just a few thoughts” rather than a proper sermon, but those “few thoughts” are straight from the heart, and very challenging.  All about “People look at outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart”.

A Pilgrim’s Progress

Peter, in his own inimitable style (!), starts off educating us on north-east dialect, takes us through the Old and New Testaments, and finishes off with the future of Darlington Baptist Church as we look forward to a year of growth and changs in 2018.  And all in 21 minutes!

My Heroes

Today was a Father’s Day celebration cafe style church.  Earlier in the service we talked about what makes a hero, and voted on our top 5 heroes – Martin Luther King being the winner.  For Rod’s talk, he discusses his two personal favourites – Nelson Mandela and MLK.  But great, influential and heroic as they were, they had their flaws.  As indeed…

God is Holy

Euan talks to us about the holiness and majesty of God.  Something which of course we can only ever catch the briefest glimpes of, this side of heaven at least.  And what better way to finish our service at the end of this sermon, by us singing How Great Thou Art!
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