Recent Sermons (Page 2)

Recent Sermons (Page 2)

Recent Sermons

Stand Fast

“Don’t be Spooked!” could equally as well have been the title of today’s sermon from Rodney (yes, recently retired from being our pastor, but eager to continue using his preaching gifts!). Lots of good stuff about not letting the past, or current events, or the teaching of others divert us from from living a life free of condemnation, thanks to…

God’s Faithfulness

For our last Sunday of 2018, we heard from (and were encouraged by) various members of the congregation of how God had been faithful to them over the last 12 months. This was followed by this very short (less than 15 mins) sermon from Barry: we can always rely on God’s faithful promises, but are we always faithful to God’s promises?

The Greatest Story Ever Told!

This morning’s service was mainly a Nativity drama, excellently performed by our young children, and a few “extras” from amongst the adults in the congregation! This uploaded talk at the end is very short – about 7 minutes – and is Vicky unwrapping the Christmas story as the children unwrap the gifts left by the Wise Men.

Advent – Hope

Today is the first Sunday in Advent – officially the start of Christmas!  Vicky talks to us about how Advent is a time for Waiting, Preparing and Hoping.  About 10 mins into the sermon, we watched a video clip from a well-known 2014 Christmas advert, featuring the Christmas Day Truce that took place in the trenches of the First World War, in 1914.  The clip itself…

Saying yes to…the Holy Spirit

In the final installment of the “Follow Me: Saying Yes to…” series of sermons, Barry talks about the Holy Spirit.  First of all clarifying that the this is the third PERSON of the Trinity, not an “it”.  And reminding us that the Holy Spirit is nothing new, nor confined just to the pages of the New Testament: the Holy Spirt was there at…