Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Next Sunday, 18th March,
10.30 am @ Grange Road

Our Pastor, Rev Rodney Breckon, is back leading worship this Sunday. That, in itself, guarantees an inspiring and uplifting time.

Our worship will include the Celebration of Communion. If you feel tentative in any way about that, don’t worry; simply don’t take the bread and wine.

It’s going to be a good morning. See you there.

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Who is welcome? You are! We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, race,  sexual orientation,  or anything else that some people might want to think of as excluding anyone. Importantly, we welcome sinners; if we didn’t, our church buildings would be empty.

The Service: Because the person leading the Service is not the same every week, our worship will vary somewhat from Sunday to Sunday. However, there will always be songs and hymns, one or more Bible readings, a money offering and prayers. There will also be a “Kids’ Slot” (aimed at children of all ages!) and a longer talk. We usually celebrate Communion on the third Sunday of each month.  Services last about 75 – 80 minutes. Having said all that, we are flexible.

Youth Church:  Children stay with the adults for about the first 25 minutes or so of the Service and then leave the main worship area for their own  sessions.  There they will read the Bible, draw, talk, make things – whatever. We have a well-used young children’s corner in the worship area.

Music: Modern songs predominate, although we include traditional hymns. You may find a keyboard, the piano and the organ all used in one Service. Generally we have a music leader and three other singers ‘up front’ and using mics. All the words are projected on to a central screen and separate monitors at the sides of the worship area.

After Worship: We serve light refreshments in the entrance Foyer and in the Conservatory. Chatting over a fairly traded cuppa is a great way to ask questions and  to get to know each other better. Most people do hang around, rather than rushing off. We hope you will hang out too.

Dress Code: Although you might see some folks wearing their ‘Sunday-Best’, we have no dress code. Jeans and a tee shirt work just as well as a suit  or jacket – and they are more common.