Sermons on John

Sermons on John

The Power of Three

Today we welcomed Phlip Law – a Methodist lay preacher from Elm Ridge in Darlington, but a friend of and occasional visitor to DBC. We continued as a church to look at the stories of those who the resurrected Jesus first appeared to, and today Philip was looking at John 21. Here we read about Jesus appearing to his disciples and the miraculous catch of fish,…

Easter Day – What a Day!

Happy Easter – Christ is Risen – He is risen indeed! Today we welcomed John Claydon as our speaker, Regional Minister from the Norhern Baptist Association. John talks about what that very first Easter Day meant for the disciples and followers of Jesus, and what it also therefore means for us today.

God doesn’t need your fish!

Today we welcomed Kingsley from New Life Baptist in Northallerton. He fitted us in, between getting back from Ethiopia last week, and off to India next week! The first few minutes of his talk is about his ministry and travels, and then the sermon is based on one of Jesus’ appearances after the Resurrection, when he cooks breakfast for the disciples on the beach,…