Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke

Who do YOU say I am?

Today’s sermon is from our church secretary, Mel Ithurralde. When Jesus was on earth people had lots of ideas about who he was, but Jesus challenged his disciples by asking them who THEY thought he was. Jesus challenges us in the same way today.

Saying yes to….Fellowship

Continuing the “Follow  Me: Saying Yes to….” series, this week Vicky talks about Fellowship.  The alternative title for this sermon is “What are you doing with your piano?”  And the Bible reading is the story of the Feeding of the 5 000.  Confused?  Don’t be – just listen, learn and be challenged!  A couple of minutes near the…

Saying Yes…to Wholeness

Barry continues the theme of “Saying Yes to…” as this week he talks about healing.   At times a complicated and misunderstood subject, when on the one hand we believe in a God who heals, but on the other hand don’t see it happening very often.  A good quote from the sermon is “Never downgrade the power of God to your experiences of…