Sermons from March 2019

Sermons from March 2019

Who do YOU say I am?

Today’s sermon is from our church secretary, Mel Ithurralde. When Jesus was on earth people had lots of ideas about who he was, but Jesus challenged his disciples by asking them who THEY thought he was. Jesus challenges us in the same way today.


Today’s talk is from Anne Rose, one of our deacons. How do we link the prophetic books of the Old Testament with the prophetic role of today’s church? What does being prophetic actually mean? The prophetic voices of the Old Testament turn out to be more relevant to the church and world of 2019 than ever before!

God doesn’t need your fish!

Today we welcomed Kingsley from New Life Baptist in Northallerton. He fitted us in, between getting back from Ethiopia last week, and off to India next week! The first few minutes of his talk is about his ministry and travels, and then the sermon is based on one of Jesus’ appearances after the Resurrection, when he cooks breakfast for the disciples on the beach,…