Sermons from August 2019

Sermons from August 2019

Honesty and Openness

As we continue our series looking at the Psalms, today Vicky speaks to us from Psalm 25. If King David (who wrote this Psalm) can feel and express to God his feelings of fear, loneliness, guilt and confusion, then so can we! When we experience these emotions, who/what do you put your trust in?

Psalm 23

Are you a sheep? Charlie Hart encourages you to be like one, as he talks us through this much loved Psalm. The recording begins with a reading of Psalm 23 and contains within it some verses from John 10.

The Reality of the Psalms!

Today we start a series of sermons on the Psalms. And as Rod points out, this one (Psalm 73) is as real as it gets! We all have our struggles, some of us are perhaps struggling right now. But this is nothing new – the Psalmist struggled, all the Bible characters we can read about struggled. But God guided them and pulled them through, and He can do the same for us…