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Christmas is coming! We would love to see you at any, or all, of our Christmas Services. The Christingle Service on Christmas Eve celebrates a different tradition (originally from Moravia), with oranges and their decorations telling their own story for us. It is a wonderful atmosphere in the darkened church for children of all ages. And, of course, we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus on the 25th – as God comes to us in human form. There has…

Sunday Morning

What to Expect on Sunday Morning Who is welcome? You are! We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, race,  sexual orientation,  or anything else that some people might want to think of as excluding anyone. The Service: Our worship will vary a bit from Sunday to Sunday. However, there will always be songs and prayers. There will also be a “Kids’ Slot” and a longer talk. We usually celebrate Communion on the third Sunday of each month.  Services are…

Sunday Evening

Sunday Evening, 6.00 pm @ Corporation Road Our Sunday Evening Meeting is an informal gathering which lasts about an hour. The Meeting forms a point of contact for a number of people who are unable to attend our Sunday Morning Service at Grange Road and, generally, alternates between a Bible Study and a video (often a talk given at a previous Keswick Convention). Once a month, the Bible Study Meeting includes an opportunity to share communion together. You are welcome!


What We Believe Our beliefs could be described in a general sense as mainstream Christian and may be summarised as follows: Our wilful disobedience to and neglect of God have led to separation from God, with dire consequences for every individual and for humanity as a whole. God, in his love, sent his son Jesus Christ to make forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration possible through his death on the cross. Jesus is the human face of God and shows us what…


Revds Vicky & Barry Thompson became our Joint Ministers in September 2018. Since their arrival Barry and Vicky have encouraged us on a growing journey, numerically a big ‘Yes’, but also growing closer to Christ in our daily lives. We are compiling a proper profile for our Ministers. Watch this space – coming soon.

Leadership Team

It is the church members, acting through our regular Church Meetings, who look to seek the way of Christ in all that we do at DBC and who make important decisions. Inevitably, there has to be a small body that deals with nitty-gritty stuff and also looks to suggest and guide. This role, which is very much one of servant leadership, falls to our Ministers (Revds Vicky & Barry Thompson) and the Church Elders. The current Elders, appointed by the…


Giving Planned giving is an important discipline for any Christian; it goes with the territory. We encourage planned giving for all those who are part of our church fellowship, in one way or another. But others, who do not worship regularly with us, may wish to help financially with God’s mission for us in our local, Darlington community. If you would like to make a donation (one-off or regular), you have three options. Firstly, get in touch with our Treasurer…