Leadership Team

Leadership Team

It is the church members, acting through our regular Church Meetings, who look to seek the way of Christ in all that we do at DBC and who make important decisions.

Inevitably, there has to be a small body that deals with nitty-gritty stuff and also looks to suggest and guide. This role, which is very much one of servant leadership, falls to our Ministers (Revds Vicky & Barry Thompson) and the church deacons. The current deacons, appointed by the Church Meeting, are:

Marilyn Bell
Charlie Hart
Brian Holt
June Hughes
Mel Ithurralde (Church Secretary)
Peter King
Craig Marshall
Gillian Marshall

Of course, theMinisters and deacons cannot do it all. There are many people, who give of their time and talents, to coordinate various aspects of church life. DBC is very much about ministry by everyone involved, doing their bit for DBC but, more importantly, for Christ in our local church.

Having said all that, we are exploring a new way of working, with Elders supporting our Ministers in vision, planning and care, while the Deacons will take on a more practical role within the life of our local church. It might be new for us, assuming it happens (no decisions have been taken yet), but it is very New Testament in concept.