Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons

Who Do You Think You Are?

Today is Father’s Day, and Vicky preaches from John chapter 14 – on the fatherhood of God and how Jesus is THE Way, Truth & Life. And she exhorts us to go beyond simply concentrating on short scriptural passages and phrases (as good as that it is to do) and just to get to KNOW Jesus as a person, and that way we get to know God the Father too.

The 23rd Psalm

This morning we welcomed visiting preacher Rob Baggaley. Speaking on probably the most well-known verses in the Bible, the 23rd Psalm. Well-known because they are often read (and sang) at funerals. But as Rob points out, this is actually more of a Psalm for guiding us through our living years, rather then after we have died.

How are you today…?

How honestly do we ever answer the question above? Our church secretary Mel Ithurralde today leads us through Psalms 42 & 43 as we ask that question of ourselves in our spiritual walk. “Why are you downcast, o my soul? Put your hope in God”.

A tender God comforting his children

This week it is Peter King, one of our deacons , who opens up God’s word to us. From our reading from the book of Revelation, to Peter meeting his baby cousin for the first time (over 60 years ago!) , to thinking of the work of Christian Aid and Samaritan’s Purse and lots of other stopping points in between, Peter talks to us about how a tender God comforts…

The Power of Three

Today we welcomed Phlip Law – a Methodist lay preacher from Elm Ridge in Darlington, but a friend of and occasional visitor to DBC. We continued as a church to look at the stories of those who the resurrected Jesus first appeared to, and today Philip was looking at John 21. Here we read about Jesus appearing to his disciples and the miraculous catch of fish,…

Easter Day – What a Day!

Happy Easter – Christ is Risen – He is risen indeed! Today we welcomed John Claydon as our speaker, Regional Minister from the Norhern Baptist Association. John talks about what that very first Easter Day meant for the disciples and followers of Jesus, and what it also therefore means for us today.

Palm Sunday

Lovely to welcome back our old friend Geoff Allcock to come and preach today. The Bible reading is what you would expect on Palm Sunday – the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, at the start of what we now call Holy Week. But the content of the sermon is all in Geoff’s own inimitable style – take time to listen and see what we mean. You might be…